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Watch Channel 4 abroad! Are you interested in how you can watch Channel 4 abroad? You’ve come to the right place! Instead of reading further, you might as well settle for the best provider out there and click here to use it straight away! When you’re in the UK, you are spoilt for great choice of TV. When you are abroad, it might become a bit more tricky! At however, we are keen to let you have the same experience, regardless of where in the world you might be! We make sure that you are able to enjoy the wonderful world of for example, Channel 4, one of British TV’s finest, from the comfort of your sofa! Here are 4 ways to catch your favourite show, even if you are stuck in a fancy hotel penthouse suite in Paris (sucks to be you!).

In this article we will guide you through the best ways to catch your favourite shows on Channel 4 – even if you are abroad. We will try to cover the following:

  • Browser Extensions – Are they a good option?
  • Filmon website – How good is this website nowadays?
  • VPN solutions- Which one do we recommend and why is it good?
  • – Updated with the latest information regarding the website
  • What you can watch on Channel 4 – The most popular shows including Gogglebox and 8 out of 10 cats

  • To watch Channel 4 Abroad we recommend using this VPN solution, CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

    Here are a few of our best tips on how to watch British telly abroad.


    Browser Extension


    Update: We don’t recommend using this solution.


    1. Using a browser extension, such as Hola Better Internet, to get around the IP blocks of catch up TV. Hola is a great tool and you can select the country you wish that the website requires you to be in in just a few clicks. The website, for example, will recognise you as a user from the UK and let you watch all the catch-up shows on demand. Hola is free and really easy to use. It doesn’t solve your problem with Live TV however, and it also not completely known how the IP addresses are shared (as in you, in order to “borrow” someone else’s IP, need to share yours). We would not recommend this tool in the first place, there are so many other ways to get your daily TV fix without risking your IP.



    free tv filmon


    1. Filmon has got a lot of channels to choose from. There’s live TV from many parts of the world and also movies on demand. It’s free if you want to use the standard quality streams and a monthly fee added if you wish to use the HD quality videos. It can be somehow complicated to find all the British channels however and is more recommended if you are looking for a more all-around type of TV broadcast. It is also showing ads when you are switching between channels. There is a paid option of the service.

    UPDATE: Filmon has now decreased the availability to stream Channel 4 and other British TV channels on their site. You are still able to watch some of the channels, however, the website has restricted the time you can watch each channel. This is of course very unfortunate for many people using this service previously. We now recommend trying the solution listed below.

    VPN (Recommended)

    best VPN provider

    1. VPN clients. A VPN client can be used to download apps on your tablet or your smartphone in order to make your device think it’s in the country you choose from the menu. This effective way could be used in order to download and watch your favourite channels app on your smartphone or tablet! It often comes with a price and can be a bit complicated to navigate. There’s also confusion on how the software are using your details. A few of the most popular providers include Hidemyass, ExpressVPN and PureVPN to name a few. We do recommend the following VPN to watch Channel 4 abroad.

   – the star of the show


    1. A simple and easy to use website that gives you exactly what you came for, British TV broadcasted abroad, including the possibility to watch Channel 4 abroad. With a fully detailed TV guide as well as all your favourite channels live in most countries in the world, you don’t have to worry about paying, downloading or installing anything. It’s a free and easy way to see all your favourite shows online. Broadcasting all the British channels, there’s a big variation of shows daily on the site. Everything from The Big Bang Theory to Coronation Street. International and the nation favourites, all in one place!


    UPDATE: Unfortunately are no longer able to provide you with a a Channel 4 stream. We recommend the following solution.

    watch channel 4 abroad

    What to watch when you watch Channel 4 abroad


    So, now that you know how to catch all your special British TV shows online, let us talk a bit about what’s out there. Take Channel 4 and name me your favourite? Or let me guess, you are a Googlebox fanatic! Or maybe, your cup of tea, or should I say steak, is Come Dine With Me? Either way, Channel 4 opens up hours of entertainment, and with, you can, of course, enjoy it all over the world!


    One of our favourite comedy shows, 8 out of 10 cats, hosted by funnyman Jimmy Carr and the current team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock. A comedy panel show filled with great comedians and lots of funny guests. Every week on Channel 4 and which is our preferred choice if you want to watch Channel 4 abroad!


    Another show that surely will crack you up, is Googlebox. It’s an unlikely TV success where you watch people watch TV. Regardless of how it sounds to you (I mean, how fun can it get?), it is totally hilarious! The characters become your friends, and it’s almost like you are a part of the families in the sofas. If you haven’t seen Googlebox on Channel 4 yet, check it out now!

    gogglebox channel4


    Take for example Steph & Dom, Sandwich who is featured in the show. They are also known as “the posh couple” who are mostly seen accompanied with a drink in their hand. They are by far the most famous couple out of all the Gogglebox families. Running an exclusive bed and breakfast they must be very busy considering all the shows that they now appear on. The Jump and Four In A Bed are two of them. Rumours have it that they are getting their own spin-off show in the near future! Don’t miss the chance to watch this and always be able to watch Channel 4 abroad!

    Controversial shows

    One of the most talked about shows in the channel’s history is something that wasn’t even aired. The show was called Wank Week and was hitting the headlines in 2007. It was meant to be a season including several movies on different topics. The first show was about a Masturbate-a-thon, a public mass masturbation event, organised to raise money for a sexual health charity. The second movie would have focused on compulsive male masturbators and all that might include.  A third was to feature the sex educator Dr Betty Dodson.

    The series was criticised on a big scale. It later came under public attack from senior television figures and was pulled.


    The Idiots

    Another controversial movie broadcasted, on Channel 4 was Lars Von Triers “The Idiots”.In March 2005 the Channel showed the uncut version of the move which includes non-simulated sex. This was the first time UK channel to do so. People that weren’t aware of Von Triers somewhat different take on movie making, was shocked, to say the least. Channel 4 has previously shown similar material but always at that point censored and included warnings. Regardless of peoples state of shock from watching the movie. However, only one complaint came through the day after, and it meant to show the Channel 4 viewer values.

    Controversial, commercial or sexual, either way, has Channel 4 become one of Britains absolute favourites during the years. And rest assured, will be for a long time to come.

    List of Shows on Channel 4

    • The Great British Bake Off
    • Made in Chelsea
    • First Dates
    • Hollyoaks
    • Celebrity Hunted
    • Formula 1
    • Gogglebox
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • Feral Families
    • Educating Greater Manchester
    • The Handmaid’s Tale
    • Don’t Tell the Bride
    • Grand Designs
    • Travel Man: 48 Hours in…
    • Electric Dreams
    • Man Down
    • GameFace
    • The Last Leg


    Watch Channel 4 abroad and all of your other favourite channels free, online and live at!