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How to stream British Live TV abroad – for free!

Watch British Live TV


Missing the good old British Live TV? Does just mentioning Coronation Street, Googlebox or even the BBC News gives you a severe case of homesickness? Well, look no further Youk TV is the cure! Now you can watch British Live TV abroad. No matter if you’re on vacation or moved to a new country permanently, you’ll never have to miss British Live TV again. In three easy steps you can watch all the British tv you want without any software, fake IP (no time to explain but trust us, it’s nerdy) or other expensive workarounds.

1. Go to

Just put it in the adress bar of your web browser. Common what are you waiting for? Do it now! Oh yeah right, you’re already here. Welcome! Did you know you can visit Youk TV from all sort of devices, like smartphones and iPads? Now you know.

Hard to remember the adress? Here is a simple memory rule:

”You” stands for you (that’s probably who you are), UK is short United Kingdom (where you maybe originated from) and TV (television, telly, idiot box) is what we all love. For the sake of a catchy brandname we removed one ”U”. You can choose for yourself wether it’s the “U” from ”You” or ”UK” you remove. But we would prefer if you remove the ”U” from ”You” so it’s ”Yo UK TV”, because it’s cool and youthful like we want to be. Easy to remember right? Now lets watch EastEnders, eat biscuits and drink tea.

2. Choose a channel

Watch over 20 British Live TV channels for free!So you managed to write in your browsers adress bar, what now? Well this is the hard bit! Now you have to choose which of the 25 live UK channels on Youk TV to stream.

We thought of this for you! Here’s where our TV Guide comes in handy.

Click on ”TV GUIDE” in the right-hand top corner and browse between all your favourite channels. You can  see what shows are on today and up to two days ahead. If you want to look closer on a specific channel, click on the logo. If you want to learn more about a show, click it’s name and a pop-up with more info will show. Everyday we hand-pick a few shows that we recommend, we call them highlights and you’ll find them in the top of the TV Guide .

Now that you have chosen what show to watch only one step remain, and this is the easy bit.

3. Enjoy free UK TV!

Sit down in your arm chair, crack open a cold one or pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the never-ending stream of top-quality British Live TV shows.

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And last but not least, enjoy your own British TV channel! Web Directory