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Sending money home? Try Transferwise first!

We know that it can be a bit tricky when you are abroad, and you want to make a transfer home. Not to mention how frustrated you get, when you realise how much the bank will charge for it (how much!?). For a long time we really didn't think there was a way around this. The bank wouldn't charge us this much if it wasn't needed, right?

Luckily, we discovered TransferWise. TransferWise cuts out the high bank fees from overseas exchanges by matching their users need, and creating a safe and secure swap. Simply, if you are looking for Pounds, you are matched against someone, possibly in the UK, looking for Euros. Thats where the magic happens.

It's a transparent and cost-effective way to transfer money all over the world, with a peer to peer technology. Try the clever TransferWise money transfer calculator and see for yourself how much you save!