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Update 20160626 Due to content restrictions the knockout phase of the Euro 2016 seems to be blocked by the broadcasting companies. We are very sorry about this but unfortunately it is beyond our control. The highlight of the sporting year is finally here (well the olympics is coming up, but who cares about that when it's football on the telly). Stream Euro 2016 at ITV and BBC on Youk TV BBC and ITV is broadcasting every single game including (of course) Englands, Wales and Northern Irelands. And yes, as you might have figured out, you can watch it all here on Youk TV. Get your shirt on and let the flag-waving and cheering begin! Here's the full schedule for the group stage. The TV schedule for the knockout stage and finals will be announced later (they will however be shown on ITV and BBC), so keep an eye on this page.

Saturday 11 June

14.00 CET Albania v Switzerland @BBC 17.00 CET Wales v Slovakia @BBC 20.00 CET England v Russia @ITV

Sunday 12 June

14.00 CET Turkey v Croatia @ITV 17.00 CET Poland v Northern Ireland @BBC 20.00 CET Germany v Ukraine @BBC

Monday 13 June

14.00 CET Spain v Czech Republic @ITV 17.00 CET Republic of Ireland v Sweden @BBC 20.00 CET Belgium v Italy @BBC

Tuesday 14 June

17.00 CET Austria v Hungary @ITV 20.00 CET Portugal v Iceland @BBC

Wednesday 15 June

14.00 CET Russia v Slovakia @BBC 17.00 CET Romania v Switzerland @ITV 20.00 CET France v Albania @ITV

Thursday 16 June

14.00 CET England v Wales @BBC 17.00 CET Ukraine v Northern Ireland @ITV 20.00 CET Germany v Poland @ITV

Friday 17 June

14.00 CET Italy v Sweden @ITV 17.00 CET Czech Republic v Croatia @BBC 20.00 CET Spain v Turkey @ITV

Saturday 18 June

14.00 CET Belgium v Republic of Ireland @ITV 17.00 CET Iceland v Hungary @BBC 20.00 CET Portugal v Austria @BBC

Sunday 19 June

20.00 CET Romania v Albania @BBC 20.00 CET Switzerland v France @BBC

Monday 20 June

20.00 CET Russia v Wales @ITV 20.00 CET Slovakia v England @ITV

Tuesday 21 June

17.00 CET Northern Ireland v Germany @BBC 17.00 CET Ukraine v Poland @BBC 20.00 CET Croatia v Spain @ITV 20.00 CET Czech Republic v Turkey @ITV

Wednesday 22 June

17.00 CET Hungary v Portugal @BBC 17.00 CET Iceland v Austria @BBC 20.00 CET Italy v Republic of Ireland @ITV 20.00 CET Sweden v Belgium @ITV

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