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At we are massive The Big Bang Theory fans, and we know many of our visitors are too! We are super proud about the fact that we are broadcasting loads of episodes every week on channel E4. And you can of course watch Big Bang Theory all over the world here! To add to your  Big Bang Theory fix for the day, we have listed a few of our favourite The Big Bang Theory blogs and sites below.  There's a bunch of sites and you are more than welcome to send us your favourite site.  The best place to watch Big Bang Theory is however always! watch big bang theory

A really popular fan site for Sheldon Cooper. Loads of quotes and videos for hours of enjoyment. Sheldon Cooper is quite a character. He is played by actor Jim Parson and the character is a senior theoretical physicist at Caltech.   Sheldon lacks a lot of social skills, as well as toleration and empathy.  He makes up for it all with his genius level of IQ.

Great site for all The Big Bang Theory fans. You can shop official merchandise and read loads of stuff about the episodes and characters etc.  For example, have a read about the ever so popular Penny played by Kaley Cuoco in the show.  She happens to live across the hall and becomes friends with the boys next door. Large forum site which includes a great active The Big Bang Theory section! A great forum in general for TV nerds! And if you are here, then you probably love TV like we do! Watch  Big Bang Theory here!   Do you think we missed something? We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions to this list over sites that relates to one of our favourite shows - The Big Bang Theory.   Blog Directory & Business Pages - Web Directory