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Fellow Expat Tales 3

In this section we are reaching out to some of our favourite bloggers around the world and simply asking them how things are! We love reading stories from people that moved to different countries in the world, or are out on a great adventure travelling.

Name: Clarissa


Hello there Expat Blogger, how are you today?

Great! Right now I'm planning a holiday to Czech Republic and Austria, and day-dreaming about it helps me survive tiresome work days.

What area of this amazing planet are you currently exploring?

I currently live near London, and I'm loving the short flights to Europe (and holidays there without jet-lag!).

Where did you start your journey?

My journey started in San Diego where I met my other half, and we started planning to move abroad together. We both love San Diego, but adventure was calling so we sold everything and moved to the UK a year ago. We couldn't have picked a place more to opposite to Southern California, but we're loving it here.

What do you miss the most from home?

I miss the obvious things like Mexican food and being close to friends and family, but I also miss the relative ease of renting in the US. I was spoiled by the property management companies that I rented apartments from before moving. They had offices on site, and it was so easy to apply for a lease, report problems, and get issues with my apartment fixed. And don't EVEN get me started about the amenities! Most of the apartment complexes in San Diego have a gym, pool/hot tub, and community lounge areas. Now I rent a house in the UK, and the landlord is just a phone number we text. It's taught us to be more resourceful, and patient that's for sure!

Can you describe your blog in 3 words?

Expat, Travel, Home

Any site you can recommend for your fellow traveller buddies?

I do! I poured over so many forums and how-to sites before we moved, but other expat blogs are the sites I keep going back to now that I'm living the expat life. I think it's really helpful for fellow expats to share their experiences with each other.

I recommend Aspiring Kennedy for the wanderlust expat experience.

Up To Date Interiors is a great source of inspiration for expats wondering how to pull together a home after a major relocation.

And finally The Expat Partner's Survival Guide is great for those in my situation who've put a career on hold to follow their partner into "expat-dom".

There many many more, but those are my top 3.
What is the first TV programme you are going to watch next time you get back home? Hmmm... Well, I recently discovered Bad Education on UK Netflix (yes the offerings here are different to the US), so I'll probably continue binge-watching that for now.

Thanks for the time Clarissa, and thanks for the great tips on the websites! We looking forward to continue reading your stories!