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Want a fast, free, easy way to watch UK TV abroad and channels such as BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 online? Make the Youk TV streaming service your goto source for your favourite TV shows. Take advantage of our British live TV  online streaming service both in the UK and abroad. Whether you're away for a weekend or have found a warmer corner of the globe, you'll never have to miss out on your favourite British TV ever again. With Youk TV not even technophobes have anything to fear, there's no installation of software required, no messing around with fake IP addresses, or other expensive workarounds required, such as paying for a VPN address is required! UPDATE: It's now recommended to use a VPN to access all the channels you want to stream UK TV abroad. We can recommend the following VPN.

 Mr Bean on UK TV abroad

While choosing how and where to watch your British TV abroad, there are some specific questions you should ask yourself. We are trying to cover all of these questions which are:

  • Are you on Holiday or Business - Does it matter in what manner you are residing abroad?
  • UK TV Guide - Do the website you want to use offer a TV Guide?
  • Sports, Documentaries and Soaps - What are the range of the shows the website offers?
  • Catch Up - Who provides Catch Up services?
  • Accessibility - When and where can you access the channels on the website?
  • Guiding you to make the choice

    On this page, we are trying to guide you through the choices and questions when it comes to choosing what service you will use to watch UK TV Abroad. It's not a secret that we love to promote our own service, but with the recent updates, we felt it was time to also update our recommendations on the site. We also feel strongly for you as a consumer of the TV service, and therefore we want this guide to be a help when choosing the provider that feels right for you! If there's anything you feel is missing please contact us through our contact page.

    Channel checklist for UK TV Abroad

    Below you will find a table of Channels that are available to stream abroad. If there's anything unclear please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Channel Available UK TV Worldwide
    ITV 1
    BBC 2
    Channel 4
    Channel 5
    ITV 2
    ITV 3
    ITV 4
    BBC 3
    BBC 4
    Pick TV
    BBC 1 Scotland
    BBC 1 Wales
    BBC 1 North Ireland
    BBC Parliament


    Holiday or Business

    Maybe you're on holiday, working internationally on business, and as a result feeling a little homesick after relocating to the other side of the world. You can bring the best of British TV straight to you, whether you're watching on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, as long as you have an internet connection you can watch your favourite UK TV shows abroad, whether you're at home or on the go! There's no additional software or hardware needed! With no fee's, registration, or threat to your internet security you'll soon see why Youk TV is the go-to service for you and your families needs. All we ask from you is to spread the joy of our TV streaming service. It gives people all over the world access to their favourite TV shows!

    UK TV Guide


    Whilst you're out of the UK we can keep you updated on what shows you can catch up on in our online UKTV guide, which features listings for over 20 of the best UK TV channels! To make sure you don't miss out on the large selection of channels and TV programmes British television has to offer. When looking for a website that offers to stream the most popular UK TV shows you should also be looking for a UK TV Guide.

    Sports, Documentaries or Soaps


    watch rugby on uk tv offers a fast connection through an optimised video streaming service. So whether you want to catch up on your British soaps, British sports, or British documentaries, we're guaranteed to have exactly what you need to ensure you're not feeling too homesick! Does your provider offers a wide range of TV shows and categories? If you are a sports nerd or a Soap fan you should look for the site that covers all your needs.

    Sports on UK TV abroad

    In February and March 2017, thousands of expats abroad tuned in to stream the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. The tournament, that was broadcasted on the BBC, attracted millions of people worldwide. However, if you are a British expat living in another country, it can be tricky to watch your favourite sports tournament on UK TV. In the beginning of the year, many of the mentioned expats were able to watch all the matches online through the use of this browser extension. And we all know what happened right? Yes, you are right, England went on to win the whole tournament!

    Soaps on UK TV Abroad

    Many British expats, regardless of your interest in sports, also love and adore UK TV Soap Operas. You can watch all of them even if you are on holiday, living or working abroad. We have listed a few of the shows most popular with people living abroad and who watches UK TV.

    Coronation Street

    Coronation Street, or "Corrie" as it's commonly referred to, been on air since 1960. The show centres on Coronation Street in Weatherfield. This is a fictional town based on Salford in England.

    East Enders

    Based in the East End of London, this popular Soap Opera started in 1985 on BBC ONE. Also based on a fictional location, this one called the London Borough of Walford in the East End. It follows the fictional characters working and living there.


    Another fictional location is the setting for this long-running UK TV Soap, Emmerdale. The "youngest" out of the three with its 28 years of broadcast. The show follows the people working and living in the fictional Yorkshire Dales.

    UPDATE: It's now recommended to use a VPN to access all the channels you want to stream UK TV abroad. We can recommend the following VPN.

    Catch up

    If you have tried using catch up services such as BBC Iplayer, ITV player, Catch up on Channel 4, or other services abroad. You'll soon realise that almost every single UK TV service is blocked outside of the UK as your IP address is tracked. Luckily the brains behind Youk TV have found a way around international issues, to make sure Ex-Pats, holidaymakers, or just international fans of British television have no reason to miss their favourite shows!

    Quality Picture

    Most online streaming services are under the impression that poor picture and sound quality isn't an issue. We don't see it as an option for our viewers when you want to watch UK TV abroad. We endeavour to provide the best quality streaming service online. So you can watch your favourite TV shows, or important football matches whatever corner of the world you find yourself in the world. However, there are a few restrictions due to some legality issues. You can find an updated list of restrictions on our website. We still show more channels on average than any other free UK TV streaming websites that you can access abroad! UPDATE: It's now recommended to use a VPN to access all the channels you want to stream UK TV abroad. We can recommend the following VPN.

    If you've travelled light, don't panic! You can watch UK TV abroad on your tablets and smartphones, and let's face it, no one goes anywhere without their smartphone these days! So if you've got an Android or an iPhone, you're all set to watch abroad with no additional downloads, you can save your phone space for your holiday! Assuming you don't spend all of your time catching up on Coronation Street, Gogglebox and Jeremy Kyle.

    Accessible TV

    Don't spend hours looking for sites that provide unsatisfactory viewing! Youk TV is the one place where our visitors can catch up on all of your favourite UK TV shows! As well as to watch UK TV abroad. 1000's of happy customers trust us because we are 100% safe. Youk TV has fast become the future for watching digital catch up TV. Simply because we've done it 100% legally. It seems like countries especially within the EU, have supported the idea that catch up TV should be more accessible to international viewers. The BBC wanted to enable consumers to continue watching their favourite shows. And this is despite what country they currently find themselves in.

    Bright future

    The past few years have seen the expansion of the EU's consumer-focused digital single market. Alongside the drastically cut roaming costs for mobile phone users who are abroad within the EU. The BBC has already stated that they will "begin work to look at the technical and legislative implications". So for holiday goers, the future looks impeccably bright. It's never been as easy to catch up on your favourite shows from your hotel balcony. Watch UK TV host Phillip Schofield

    Keeping it fresh

    If you want to watch UK TV abroad. Simply search in the address bar of your web browser on your laptop, PC, tablet or Smartphone. As a result you will get all the tips and tricks needed to watch your favourite shows. Then choose which of the 25 live UK TV channels you want to stream from Youk TV. There's no need to consult a TV guide. We've already featured one on the site for you to help you choose. Our TV guide shows what's on up to two days ahead. Therefore we've also created a handy highlights section with our recommended programmes. At Youk TV we like to keep it fresh. We hand pick the best of UK TV for your viewing pleasure.

    5 Steps to Watch UK TV abroad

    Lastly, to sum things up, we've created a quick step-by-step guide on how to watch UK TV abroad. We have taken into account all the necessary things when looking at streaming British TV with a VPN extension.

    1.  Go to our recommended VPN provider here.
    2. Download and install their solution on to your browser.
    3. Activate the extension on your browser according to their instructions (basic knowledge needed).
    4. Head to the channels that you want to watch website and select their player option.
    5. Press play and away you go enjoying watching your favourite UK TV shows online - even when you are abroad!