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British TV Online and Youk TV used to go hand in hand. It was a streaming service that allowed you to view free British TV online from any device connected to the internet, whether you were in the UK or abroad. You could gain access to all major UK TV channels for free. Including BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Film4 and more for you to catch up on reality TV, Documentaries, news, children's TV, movies. You were in control to decide if you wanted to watch live with BBC live streaming or on catch up at a time to suit you! This blog post has now been updated as cannot longer provide the same streaming service as it previously did. Our site allows you to stream high definition TV without having to register your details. Watch British online TV with minimum stress. Minimum hassle. We will never ask for any personal information! We've made sure that the interface works perfectly across all devices, to give you a seamless service even on your Android or Apple smartphones to make your morning commute, or visits to the in-laws a little more bearable!

In this blog post we will cover some of the things related to British online TV including:
  • Accesibility - How do you access the site?
  • Cost - Is the website free or do you have to pay?
  • Safety on the website - Is the website safe and what has been done to make sure it is?
  • Travelling and the website - Can you travel and still access the site?
  • The TV Guide - Have the site invested in a TV Guide and how do you use it?

  • Easy Access

    You'll soon see why Youk TV is one of the highest-ranking British TV streaming websites. We've taken onboard valuable customer feedback, to make our streaming site as accessible as it can be. If you've found yourself away from your TV set abroad on holiday or for business, you can catch up with Youk Live TV 24/7 in most countries around the world with no expense to you! . Our TV streaming service saves you the time and money paying for VPN's, proxy's or software. Less hassle! The best of British TV Online is just a tap way at no cost!

    100%  Free!

    Are you sick of paying for different subscriptions to watch your favourite British TV shows online? With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV subscriptions the amounts soon add up. Make subscription fee's a thing of the past, save your hard earned money and switch to our service which allows you to watch the best of British TV online! Youk TV is a totally free way to catch up on all of your favourite British TV shows online free of charge, there's no catch, no free trials that eventually end up costing you the earth.

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    Latest Sports Events

    Sport lovers can even catch up on the latest sports events broadcast on BBC using BBC 1 live stream. We enabled 1000's of football fan's worldwide to watch the Euro's in 2016 for free. We know how costly it can be for football fan's to keep up with their favourite teams and important matches. Our service is handy if you find your summer holiday conflicting with your sports interests. We're here to keep you happy! Whether you're a Manchester United fan or a Manchester City fan, we're not here to judge. Our aim is to keep our sports fans happy.

    100% Safe

    Youk TV is also 100% safe and legal! There's no need to worry about copyright or piracy infringement when you tune into Youk TV. You won't have to worry about spyware or malware affecting your devices like you do on most streaming websites, but don't just take our word for it. Youk TV has a high trust rating from third party websites with your user safety in mind. We're recognised as totally safe to use taking into consideration threats to your devices & phishing spam. We don't blame you for being wary. The internet is full of fake and scamming sites that look and seem genuine. There's even review sites our there full of fake reviews making it impossible to differentiate a safe sight from one that could harm your devices or steal your information from a legit one. If it sounds a little too good to be true, and you're still looking for the catch. The only problem with Youk TV is deciding what to watch next! There's no need to install any software onto your device. Our streaming service is therefore fully functional just using your internet browser.

    The Options are Endless

    Youk TV shows the best of British TV, with the ability to watch British TV abroad and live stream BBC 1, TV Fans never have to miss another show. So whether you're a soap addict, or a David Attenborough fanatic, you're sure to find quality entertainment with Youk TV. Our online TV service allows you to stream shows from over 20 channels. From BBC to ITV all of the freeview favourites can be found on Youk TV. Whatever your preference, Youk TV is a service that works to appease your tastes & accessibility.

    British TV Online

    Never miss your favourite show again due to travels

    Furthermore, we understand that viewers are busy. And often because of that, we don't have the time or luxury to plan our lives around our favourite TV shows. However, Youk TV was created with viewers hectic lives in mind due to the increasing numbers of people turning to internet TV to catch up and discover new emerging shows. So with Youk TV, fans never have to miss your favourite shows again. We've taken advantage of the ever-increasing capabilities of internet TV.

    You'll soon discover the advantages of using Youk to watch your favourite British TV programmes. You'll be astonished at the accessibility with your favourite shows on demand 24/7. Unlike regular TV, you can pause and resume the shows. So it's no longer the end of the world if the phone rings, or there's a knock at the door while you're you're in the middle of the programme. We understand that life is full of distractions, and attention spans can soon dwindle, with the ability to rewind and re-watch scenes you never have to miss out on those crucial parts of your favourite shows! If you don't have access to a TV, you'll be delighted to learn that Youk TV is compatible with most devices currently available on the market. TV Fans can tune in on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphones and smart TV's. So you can catch up on your favourite British TV shows on your morning commute,

    Best of British TV Online

     The TV Guide

    Our tech-savvy technicians make the viewing experience as easy and accessible as possible or you. It's never been as easy to watch British TV Online. Maybe you're a little indecisive, maybe you are looking for new viewing recommendations. You can find an easy to follow guide highlighting the best of British TV Online shows. On our Youk TV guide, all programmes that are showing in the near future will be listed. Make sure you check the highlights section to see our personal favourites so that you definitely don't want to miss! Our mission and commitment is to provide the best of British TV online streaming service to grace the internet. And most of all, our aim is to provide access to British TV to countries across the world, without costing you the earth. It's extremely user-friendly ready to use wherever and whenever you want. With Youk TV you're in control, whether you're in the UK abroad, You'll soon see Youk TV is the future for streaming premium TV shows simply because it's a great service.