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The Future of Watching BBC1 live stream online is Changing

In this article we will cover many of the issues you might find when streaming BBC1 online.
  • Costs of streaming - Is it really free to stream your favourite BBC1 shows?
  • How does the live stream of BBC1 work - is it easy to use?
  • How big part of British sparetime is spent on watching BBC?

Benidorm on BBC1

The way in which people choose to watch their favourite TV programmes. And watching BBC1 live stream, has seen a seismic shift that couldn't have been anticipated. Almost a century has passed since the first UK TV broadcast. First TV's became commonplace in the living room, but now that smartphones and tablets are increasing in popularity. Our viewing habits have undoubtedly changed in the past few years. As with any other social change, this is due to the millennials and their changing habits when It comes to watching TV. Sitting down in front of a TV set with the rest of the family has become a thing of the past. Modern families tend to be drawn towards catch up, as opposed to real-time viewing.

Completely Free

The great thing about Youk TV is the ability to watch BBC1 live stream. Both on catch up, and in real time. Unlike with services you have to pay for such as Netflix and Amazon Prime which only provide a streaming service, once the programmes have aired on BBC 1 and other popular UK TV stations such as ITV and Channel 4. 50% of TV viewers aged 18 – 24 have seen the light with streaming. One in five younger people also stated that they don't have access to a television set anymore, as they prefer to watch BBC1 live stream online in their own time. Some say there's a generational divide, however as Youk TV is ridiculously easy to use, there's no excuse for the older generations not to get on board and embrace the technological advancements.

How does Youk TV provide online live streaming for free?

The media companies are growing increasingly keen to appease the new generation of TV viewers, they're thinking on their feet to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to accessibility with online streaming. The BBC has been notoriously strict with it's licensing laws in the past, but the truth is, they can no longer to afford to. They're tapping into the advertising revenues that come alongside online streaming. This may be a last-ditch attempt to stay ahead for the BBC as they're losing a significant chunk of revenue as more and more people are cancelling their TV Licences. With Youk TV viewers have been able to access BBC1 live stream. It's perfect for anyone abroad wanting to watch football matches in real time. At Youk TV we know there's nothing worse than waiting for a game, or a show to be uploaded onto catch up TV once you've missed it airing the first time around!

BBC1 live stream

bbc1 iplayer stream

Youk TV provides live streams with no subscription and no fee! You don't even need to worry about superimposed advert banners on our site or any legal complications with the BBC. In the past, viewers abroad were left in the dark when it came to watching BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC News, BBC 4, and BBC Parliament. As The BBC only makes iPlayer available to UK inhabitants that pay their TV licence fees. At Youk TV we've put a stop to that. You'll no longer have to remember what shows to record before as you prepare for a holiday! Make sure you keep up to date and interact with us and our followers on Facebook and Twitter, we love hearing how we're your favourite UK live streaming service on the internet. Who knows, you may even find another homesick ex-pat/holiday maker that fully empathises with how your BBC news withdrawal symptoms! Update: We are no longer able to provide a free stream of BBC1 and can recommend the following VPN solution to continue streaming your favourite shows on BBC1.

TV Addicts

The British are notorious for their TV addictions. The average Brit has at least five series that they're keeping up with. That's a whole lot of TV that you have to juggle. As well as programmes that always tend to overlap. The beauty of Youk TV, is you can watch your favourite show live, and catch up on other programmes later on. At Youk TV we recognise the average British person will have to juggle their work, social lives and other commitments before their TV viewing (hopefully) So we've made it as easy as possible for you to fit your TV viewing around your current schedule. Youk TV recognises that TV is amongst the top favourite topics of conversation with British people. On average people in the UK spend at least 15 minutes a day talking about their favourite shows. Discussing characters, and plot lines seem to be one of the most popular things to chat about over the water cooler!

Too important to wait?

If you've ever missed one of your favourite shows, you'll know all too well how hard it is to avoid spoilers! People will go out of their way to avoid them. 51% of people have even stopped using social media. This to avoid seeing spoilers if we haven't seen a show when it was first aired. I'm pretty sure more than enough friendships have been ruined over spoilers in the past! Some of the most anticipated shows last year were of course British. Viewers couldn't wait to find out what happened on the next instalment of X Factor and the Great British Bake Off.

bbc1 live stream

Huge part

Television is undoubtedly a huge part of British life. Once we've grown up watching Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. It would be fairly difficult to leave it all behind if we move across the water. TV viewers have demanded change. Youk TV has delivered. However, now you can watch when you want, whenever you want all for free. Even though subscription fee's for watching BBC1 live stream online have seen an increase of 40% in the last five years. The average household payments are now £29.89, with a quarter of the British population spending more than £50 a month on subscriptions and TV-related downloads.