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10 great Gogglebox quotes from 2014

Gogglebox quotes

Let's watch people watch TV from the comfort of their homes, in our own sofas. Make sense? Of course!  Everyone loves Gogglebox,  and the Youk TV team is of course following this show closely! The show that displays how everyday people, like us, react when they are watching television. Let's catch up on some of 2014 series awesome Gogglebox quotes.

On Eurovision:

“I’m so excited I’m going to have a chocolate wafer.” – Rev Kate

Isn't that how excited we all get when Eurovision comes on?

On American Pie

“Sex is like air really. It’s only important when you’re not getting any.” – Dom

This is exactly what my dad told me when doing his birds and bees speech....  Dom, you're an absolute legend.

The Island with Bear Grylls:

"Make that fire, babes, go on. Then you'll be all right." – Sandra

He was all right in the end.

Britans got talent:

(Eva announces that she's just been dumped)

"Play the friggin killer card why don'tcha, Bjesus!" – Scarlett Moffatt

"It's called Britain's Got Talent, not Britain's Got Talent and Emotional Issues." – Raza Siddiqui

Watch Gogglebox


We really don't have to watch another season now, thanks Scarlett and Raza for that summary. Sob story, something something, sob story, something something.... and that's how it goes.

On the canonisation of John Paul II and John XXIII:

“How many’s a million. Is that a hundred thousand?” – Linda Gilbey

The funny thing is, that we are all wondering the same thing, Linda.

On the film The Graduate:

"Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson? That's this film, right?" – Baasit

"No, that's Terminator" – Raza

We watched all the Terminator movies now, and that's correct.

On Alex Salmond's address to the Scottish National Party conference

"Scotland can keep Andy Murray if they go independent…nobody likes him in England anyway." – Leon

We all loved Andy when he won Wimbledon... Still? I think you might be right, Leon...

On ITN’s coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial:

“If you scream at that person to get out, then surely she would scream and say: ‘It’s only me, calm your t***.’” – Amy Tapper

Yes, you would.

“She’s not sleeping next to him. Is that not a clue that she might be in the bathroom?” – Josef

This is also correct, Josef.